Who We Are

Our story

The three co-founders of Sequentis Health believe there is a greater need for market research and consulting firms to provide the following for their global pharmaceutical partners:

  • Ensuring alignment between stakeholders

The success of a project relies heavily on the alignment of the cross functional team involved. At Sequentis Health, we have the experience and expertise to help create this critical team alignment across all stages of the project.

  • Providing services beyond the execution of primary market research

The most effective market research engagements require strategic thinking to permeate the entirety of the project and we believe that strategic partnership begins upon receipt of the RFP and continues well beyond the completion of a project.

  • Understanding of the process to ensure successful product commercialisation

Having been in our clients’ shoes, we are well versed in the process of bringing a pharmaceutical product to market and beyond. This expertise is evident in how we execute primary market research and engage with our clients.

Sequentis [Latin] means ‘Next Chapter’.

This name was chosen because we felt that it was an accurate representation of our contribution to the development and commercialisation of pharmaceutical products. The strategic thought partnership which we provide to our clients allows them to take their products from one milestone to the next – each step on this journey representing a new chapter in the story of a product's development.

Our bios

A team of experienced professionals

Matt Loewenthal

Matt has worked in healthcare for the past 20 years. A trained medical doctor with an MD, Matt has also earned an MBA with the intention of leveraging his medical understanding within the pharmaceutical industry. He has significant experience within the Insights and Analytics group at Roche and Genentech, having led insights teams for both pre-launch and in-line products. He also has seven years of experience in the healthcare consulting field, using his medical training and pharmaceutical-side experience to help clients leverage insights in their efforts to commercialise products.

Matt has an innate curiosity around any healthcare-related business challenge. He attacks each new problem with zeal, not resting until the necessary insights are uncovered and the implications on strategy are fully discussed, agreed upon and translated into action.

Not afraid to challenge current thinking, Matt brings a fresh perspective to every project and pushes the team to continue to evolve their market understanding.

Godefroy Le Guisquet

Godefroy is a lawyer by training with a specialisation in pharmaceutical law. He has always shown great interest in health and business especially after an internship at IMS Health Europe. This is why he complemented his background with a Specialised Master’s Degree in Healthcare Marketing at ESCP European Business School of Paris. Since then, Godefroy has dedicated the last 14 years to pharma market insights at local and global levels for Novartis and Roche, where he worked together with Matt prior to founding Sequentis Health. He has experience of all lifecycle stages across a large range of therapeutic areas.

People enjoy working with Godefroy because of his capacity to actively listen to his audience to precisely understand the business issues, challenge the status quo, identify innovative ideas and summarize key insights in crystal clear presentations.

Godefroy has a competitive spirit, therefore don’t be surprised to see him swimming, cycling or running to meetings. He has completed two marathons and two Ironman triathlons within the last two years.

Darren Grainger

Darren has a degree in applied biological sciences and has worked in healthcare market research and consulting for the past 11 years – his entire career. Darren has worked for large global market research firms in addition to smaller boutique agencies, and has worked on 175+ market research engagements which have spanned the entire product lifecycle. Prior to setting up Sequentis Health, Darren worked with Matt and co-led the European division of a global market research consultancy.

Darren has always had a keen interest in life sciences, which motivated him to pursue a career in pharmaceutical healthcare market research and consulting, following the completion of his biology degree. During his studies, he spent time working in research laboratories, however found this to be too slow-paced, with little opportunity to make an immediate and tangible impact. Darren enjoys and thrives working in the fast-paced commercial pharmaceutical environment, and takes great pride in contributing to the successful launch of life changing medications.

Clients enjoy working with Darren because he likes to infuse an element of fun into his worklife and is a firm believer that if the team is happy then this most certainly helps to deliver highly successful projects! In his spare time, he likes to keep active and can regularly be found at his local CrossFit box, out riding his bike or walking his dog Lexie in Richmond Park.