Why Us

The expertise of three individuals with
unique and complementary backgrounds are brought to bear

Matt Loewenthal

As a trained physician, Matt brings his understanding of 'how physicians think' to all his projects. He recognises that getting the most out of physician respondents requires translation of the business question into the language of the physician, clinical language. The clinical insights that physicians provide must then be translated back into the language of business and strategy to most effectively advance the brand.
Matt's training and background make him uniquely suited to ensure that nothing is 'lost in translation' and the maximum amount of value can be derived from every project.

Godefroy Le Guisquet

Thanks to his extensive experience in big pharma cross-functional teams, Godefroy has a concrete understanding of how market research outputs are best used. Throughout his career, he has always made special efforts to ensure input from the various functions is well represented in a given project. He organised and led many cross-functional workshops to reach this objective.
Godefroy strives to simplify presentations by focusing on key points and maintaining a clean design, allowing the team to align on informed business decisions.

Darren Grainger

Darren prides himself on his project management skills and appreciates the importance of a smoothly executed market research engagement - when working with him, clients have the full confidence that he is on top of everything and trust in his ability to handle situations autonomously, in addition to knowing when to seek their input. Having worked on the agency side for 11 years, providing strategic market research to global pharmaceutical companies, his experience enables him to deliver research findings and implications in a simple and easily digestible manner.

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In Switzerland and UK.

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With unique and complementary backgrounds.

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At all stages of the lifecycle (from early stage to post-launch).

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In consulting and commercial pharmaceutical roles.

True ownership of customers’ business challenges

Going beyond the research

At Sequentis Health, our role extends beyond executing market research and delivering findings – every aspect of research engagements requires strategic input and team alignment to deliver the highest quality actionable insights. We regularly look to implement a number of non-traditional approaches to project execution including pre-research internal stakeholder interviews, mini-workshop sessions during central location research days and insight activation workshops.

These efforts are important for helping drive alignment and engagement in research by key internal stakeholders which helps to ensure project success.

Our deep experience in healthcare primary market research, from both agency and industry sides, means we are perfectly placed to carry out these ‘value-added’ pieces which work to maximize the impact of research in supporting strategic decision making.

Agility and flexibility in project execution

Our extensive experience in healthcare market research, from both the agency and industry sides, means we fully understand the need for agility and flexibility. We appreciate that things can change at the last minute, e.g. new trial data, competitive landscape etc., and we therefore adopt an approach which allows for a sudden change in direction.

Our client’s challenges are our challenges; any last-minute changes will be handled accordingly in order to adapt research such that it achieves the desired objectives and answers the business questions. Our boutique approach allows us to provide the ultimate flexibility to our clients – responsiveness and rapid decision making allows us to work with our clients to handle real-time changes and urgent requests.

Close proximity to clients

With a presence in both the UK and Switzerland, Sequentis Health is well-positioned to build strong and lasting relationships with our clients. Being on the doorstep of our clients means we can enjoy the significant benefit of more frequent face-to-face meetings.


Feel free to ask us, we will be glad to help you...

Excellence in execution

Immersion in the business situation

As a true partner it is imperative that the Sequentis Health team understands the full business situation behind the need for a research project. We achieve this through interactive kick-off meetings and access to additional background materials such as prior market research outputs and brand plans. This allows the team to generate optimal research materials, with minimal iterations, which deliver on the business questions.

Seamless project management

Our extensive industry-side experience and client partnerships whilst on the agency side, means we understand the importance of smoothly executed projects. Sequentis Health prides itself on the ability to own all components of project management which allows our clients to focus on what’s most important to them – providing strategic support to their key internal stakeholders.

High quality deliverables

We develop succinct, focused, highly strategic and story-lined presentation decks which are effective at communicating research findings and key implications to cross-functional teams. We consciously develop slides that can be directly transferred into internal presentation decks without re-formatting/editing of content.